Art is my voice. Words and speaking was always scary for me, but when I could connect with people with my work, I finally found a place to share my voice. 

It’s my voice now. I have lived so much of my life, unconnected to my voice, and ignoring the value it had. Once people started to see my art and relate to what they were seeing as an experience they were having, I finally found my place to share my gifts, use my voice, and settle into it. Otherwise, I may have never had the courage to do anything meaningful and waste the gift and opportunity God graced to me. it’s my birth right to change the world and this is how I do that. 

I am currently earning my masters in Art and Art Business from the Milian Art Institute. So far I am in awe of how much education about mixed media is out there, yet it undiscovered. Oils are my new love, and being free to create anything in my mind, with any medium is my new obsession next to my son. 

I am proud to say that I can paint in many 17th century methods that are currently not practiced much. And what comes next is the world I have been craving to produce from before i was an "artist".

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