The biggest honor and privilege of my life is being mother so my beautiful son, IMUA. 

"Pregnancy is a numinous and magical state. It is a time when the barrier between the conscious and unconscious realm thins. It is a time to feel the presence of another soul developing alongside your own. It is a time when inner voices offer wise counsel louder and more clearly than usual, when we become aware that life is a continuum, when a woman may experience a bodily sense that everything around her is alive."

I am a surfer. I am an artist. But the most amazing privileged of my life is being a mother to the most incredible soul, Imua. Everything I do is for him, and my family. I have created a beautiful life being many things. They are balanced and appreciated, as I know God calls me toward them.

One of those things is to voice my view of motherhood. I grew up motherless and now that I am experiencing one by being one, Im have a very unique outlook and story that holds me responsible, to try to change how mothers are viewed and treated. it's time. 

Who is she anyways?

I am a dedicated mother, a athlete/surfer, and an artist. They provide me with the perfect balance for a beautiful life. 

A Dedicated Mother

An Athlete and Surfer

An Artist

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