Danielle started surfing after graduating from college. She took a couple years, learned quick and went on to win her first Hawaiian Championship title, and then went on to win two more, and a national ranking. Her dedication to sport is a reminder that we can do anything we set our mind to. 

People laughed at me when I decided to be a surfer over continuing my soccer career. But I was so drawn to the ocean my whole life, that it made more excited then I can explain. My brother was a surfer, my best friend and I would just pay on them, but we didn't really surf. More like float. I was lucky enough to get a job as a graphic designer for Eastern Surf Magazine ,where I got to see all the glory of a surfing culture life  in real time, and from that moment on I 

I am a surfer. I am an artist. But the most amazing privileged of my life is being a mother to the most incredible soul, Imua. Everything I do is for him, and my family. I have created a beautiful life being many things. They are balanced and appreciated, as I know God calls me toward them.

One of those things is to voice my view of motherhood. I grew up motherless and now that I am experiencing one by being one, Im have a very unique outlook and story that holds me responsible, to try to change how mothers are viewed and treated. it's time. 


For custom art work, art projects, interviews, or anything related please reach out. 

Who is she anyways?

I am a dedicated mother, a athlete/surfer, and an artist. They provide me with the perfect balance for a beautiful life. 

A Dedicated Mother

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An Athlete and Surfer

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An Artist

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